Looking for that perfect finish for an event or party? Nothing quite rounds off an event like our sumptuous chocolate fountain.

We have a wide range of delicious items to dip into our delectable chocolate fountain from strawberries through to marshmallows, brownies and many more.

Please enquire today to see what options we can put together for you.

What we can provide in one of our Chocolate fountain packages

100 British Strawberries
12 Fairtrade bananas
20 Granny Smith Apples
6 kiwi fruit
6 nectarines
1.5kg Red grapes
90 mini doughnuts
48 mini muffins
48 mini yum yums
40 flapjack bites
mega marshmallows
mini marshmallows

All freshly prepared, locally sourced and top quality items.

Choice of Chocolates are - Milk Chocolate, Belgiun Chocolate, White chocolate or Dark Chocolate